Tue. May 17th, 2022
This Mercedes EQS Parks Itself in a Garage With Bosch’s Help

Mercedes and Bosch’s Intelligent Park Pilot system allows for cars to drive and park themselves in select garages.


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Mercedes and Bosch teamed up on Intelligent Park Pilot, an automated valet parking system.


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It’s already in use at the Stuttgart airport, but we got to see a demo in Los Angeles.


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The system is currently available for the S-Class and EQS.


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This demo used lidar sensors, but permanent setups use fancy cameras instead.


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The car’s own sensors aren’t used.


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Drivers drop off the car at a designated spot and start the process via a smartphone app.


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The car then drives itself through the garage and parks in a spot.


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This tech could be expanded to incorporate charging and servicing in the future.


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Mercedes is looking to implement it in the US in locations like the Intercontinental hotel.


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Eventually, this tech could be used by any car.


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