Sat. May 28th, 2022
Every vehicle you own should have one of these discounted emergency kits in it


You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but you can put it on sale. An emergency kit for your car may be something you only ever use once or twice and will be totally worth the cost to have it when you need it — especially considering how affordable it is. This car emergency kit from Vetoos would typically cost you $60, but right now it’s 25% off at Amazon, where you can pick one up for $45.

This kit comes with all the basic essentials you need incase of a roadside breakdown. There’s of course a pair of jumper cables, which are completely PVC coated to reduce the risk of shock. There’s a basic first-aid kit, with bandages, tweezers, an emergency safety blanket and more in case of a crash. In case of a collision, there’s a multitool as well as a window breaker and seat belt cutter for quick escapes from the vehicle. And if it’s a flat tire, it includes a portable air compressor with multiple nozzles and a built-in pressure gauge.

The whole kit fits inside a compact carry bag for easy storage, so just throw it in your trunk and know you’re taken care of in case of an emergency. Grab one now — your future self will thank you!

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