Tue. May 17th, 2022
Best Steam Deck Accessories for Expanding Your System

Valve’s new Steam Deck is more than just another handheld gaming system, it’s a palm-size PC that can do a lot of what your desktop or laptop can. Kind of. 

Out of the box, the Steam Deck is an interesting but limited handheld gaming platform. To take advantage of its sometimes hidden features, from a highly functional Linux desktop mode to support for many non-Steam gaming platforms, adding some accessories helps. 

I’ve definitely spent at least half my time to date with the Steam Deck using the device on a stand, with a wireless keyboard and mouse. I’ve spent less time connected to an external display, but I’ve also already ditched my first 256GB microSD card for a larger 512GB version. 

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These are some of my current suggestions for the best Steam Deck accessories. 


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Buying the base-model 64GB Steam Deck is like buying the smallest-capacity iPhone. You know you’re going to run out of space — and quickly. Unlike an iPhone, however, it’s easy to add a microSD card to the Steam Deck to use as secondary storage. The Steam Deck supports UHS-I (ultra-high speed) cards of the SD, SDXC and SDHC varieties, and adding one is very similar to doing the same on a Nintendo Switch. My advice is, go for capacity and price. The 512GB card above hit that sweet spot for me, but keep an eye out for sales on other models. 


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