Thu. May 19th, 2022
Best Mattresses for Kids in 2022

Everyone needs a good night’s rest, but kids need it more than most. Depending on their age, some kids require up to 13 hours of sleep per night, and not getting enough can have negative impacts on your child’s mood, ability to concentrate and attention span. If you notice that your kid is sleepier — or crankier — than usual, it might be due to the fact that they’re sleeping on the wrong mattress.

A new mattress can’t help mitigate the “Can I just stay up one more hour?” queries, but it can improve your child’s sleep quality once you actually get them into bed. While a child can fit into most beds, the best mattresses for kids are made just for them. They’re typically on the softer side to support their lower body weights, and some have special layers, like waterproof covers, that help ease your mind during potty training or with nighttime accidents.

From memory foam mattresses to hybrid mattresses, to specialized dual-sided beds that you can flip as your children grow, these are the seven best mattresses for kids. Note the prices quoted are the full list price for the smallest available size, not including discounts.


The dual-sided Saatva Youth Mattress is designed to grow with your kid. One side is made with a five-zone support layer that’s firmer in the center of the mattress to maintain proper spinal alignment for kids between the ages of 3 and 7. The other side has high-density comfort foam and additional lumbar support that’s necessary for older kids from 8 to 12. As your child grows, just flip the mattress to suit their needs. (The mattress comes with a 12-year warranty.)

The organic cotton cover on both sides has a water-resistant finish that protects against accidents and spills, but there’s also an option to add a removable waterproof mattress protector (for $125) if you want additional peace of mind.

There are three size options — twin, twin XL and full — and prices start at $749.

Nest Bedding

While babies and toddlers may need more support, memory foam mattresses are a great option for older kids. This two-layer Puffin Mattress from Nest Bedding has a 5-inch base layer that offers the ideal amount of support for a child’s body weight, plus two inches of a highly responsive memory foam that reacts quickly to movement and makes it easier for your child to adjust positions during the night.

The foams are all CertiPUR-US certified, which means that they contain very low amounts of potentially harmful chemicals, and all mattresses are aired out in Nest Bedding’s factories prior to delivery to help reduce off-gassing.

There are three size options — twin, twin XL and full — and prices start at $399.


If you’re looking for your child’s first “big kid” bed, the Naturepedic 2 in 1 Organic Kids Mattress is an excellent option for easing the transition. Like the Saatva Youth Mattress, it’s a dual-sided mattress that’s designed to adapt with your child through the early life stages. One side offers firm support and a waterproof barrier, while the other side has a quilted cotton cover and is a bit more plush — ideal for older kids.

The mattress is constructed of USA-grown certified organic cotton and stretch knit fabrics that contour to the body and contribute to a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Naturepedic’s mattress comes in four sizes — twin, twin trundle, twin trundle short and full — and prices start at $699.


Another option from Naturepedic, the Verse Organic Kids Mattress, is a slight upgrade from the 2 in 1. Specially designed for older kids, this hybrid mattress is 2 inches thicker to support heavier body weights, and it has a quilted top layer that’s made with organic wool batting — a temperature-regulating layer that wicks away moisture and keeps your child comfortable no matter the ambient temperature. 

Like the 2 in 1, it’s classified as a firm mattress, but it has a plush organic cotton cover that adds some cushioning so it feels soft while also providing adequate support.

The Verse Mattress comes in four sizes — twin, twin XL, full and queen — and prices start at $999.


Like all of Purple’s mattress models, the star of the Purple Kid Mattress is the proprietary Purple Grid that’s designed to contour the body better than memory foam and react more quickly to body movement. The grid gives the mattress a softer feel, and it also has open air channels that allow air to flow through, so if you have a hot sleeper on your hands, this can help regulate temperature throughout the night.

While it’s made with two inches of the grid like the adult-sized mattresses, this kids version is softer and lighter, making it a good choice for bunk beds and loft-style setups, too. It also has a removable, washable cover, in case of the inevitable spill or accident. Purple recommends this mattress for kids up to 14 years old and anyone weighing up to 115 pounds.

It comes in one size, twin, and the price is $699.

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