Tue. May 17th, 2022
Best Blu-ray Player for 2022

We are in the age of streaming, but there are still plenty of good reasons to watch movies on a Blu-ray player. One major concession is that rights constantly change hands and sometimes the show or film you would like to watch is unavailable through a streaming service you have a subscription through. Not only will having a hardware player prevent this problem (assuming you own the title you would like to watch), but the best Blu-ray player options also offer the best image and sound quality available, thanks to the enhanced storage capacities of Blu-ray discs.

Currently, there are two types of Blu-ray player available: 4K UHD Blu-ray and 1080p Blu-ray. Both are a step up from a traditional DVD player, but getting a 4K model will let you play both kinds of Blu-rays and give you access to Dolby AtmosDolby VisionDTS:X and HDR10 formats for top-rate image quality. Even better, all Blu-ray players will work with your DVD and CD collections, too. Problems you encounter with streaming apps like dropouts, bandwidth caps and buffering are nonexistent. But if you miss those glitches, the vast majority of the best Blu-ray players can accommodate your streaming service of choice, including Netflix (some even in 4K), Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

Current gaming consoles like the high-end PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X can play both types of Blu-ray in addition to the latest games. Plus, if you don’t have a 4K TV and a library of only regular Blu-rays, you can save money by buying a 1080p-only player like the Sony BDP-S3700

Are you ready to make the most of your 4K content? Grab an HDMI cable and get ready to enjoy the excellent playback and top-notch viewing experience that Blu-ray players have to offer. This curated list of the best Blu-ray player options should help you find the right setup for your needs.

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