Thu. May 19th, 2022
Best Apple Watch Accessories, Starting at Just $7

The Apple Watch is arguably the single best smartwatch for iPhone owners. For that reason, I’m willing to pay a premium price. But when it comes to accessories, Apple charges way too much for things like bands, wireless earbuds and charging docks. Why pay the full price when you can save by choosing worthwhile competitors? 

Thankfully, there are excellent, affordable alternatives. Whether you’re taking a trip and want a portable charger or you’re looking for a more stylish strap, there are options aplenty out there for you and your Apple Watch. Tons of them, in fact — the sheer number of choices can be mind-boggling.

That’s why we decided to cut through the noise and spotlight some of the best ones. If you’re looking for the best Apple Watch accessories, read on. I’ve tried some of these myself; others I’m including based on user reviews or other factors. I’ll update this list periodically.

Inexpensive Apple Watch bands

Thanks to easy-to-swap bands, the Apple Watch can quickly alter both its look and its function. A leather band for work. (Someday.) A sport band for the gym. (Eventually.) A Milanese loop for the theatah. (Sigh.)

Buy any of these at an Apple Store and you’ll pay anywhere from $30 to $150. How absurd is that? Here are some examples of Apple Watch bands you can get for less — in some cases way less.


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A Milanese loop is a metal-mesh band with a magnetic closure. It’s one of the easiest bands to put on (and size to your wrist), and it’s also a really dressy option.

Apple charges $149(!) for its version, but there are countless options available on Amazon in the $10 to $15 range. I’ve linked to one of them, but it’s merely representative of what’s out there. Whatever you do, don’t pay Apple $149.


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One bummer about Milanese loops: Over time they can chew up the arm hole of coats and sweaters. So if you want a dressy look without that problem, or you just don’t like the feel of metal on your wrist, look to a leather band.

Like this one: Fullmosa (via Amazon) sells a wide assortment of calf-leather Apple Watch Bands, most of them priced at $14 to $16. You can choose from about a dozen different colors, many with one or two buckle color options as well.

Again, this is just one product of dozens. I chose it because the 6,500-plus user reviews average out to around 4.5 stars.


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If you don’t want a silicone band but do want something that’s both fashionable and good for exercise, consider a sport loop. It’s like a woven-nylon version of the Milanese loop, with hook-and-loop fastening in place of metal and magnets.

Below I’ve linked to one that’s a mere $9, but you may also be able to find multi-packs in the $15-$20 range. Apple’s price for a single: $49 and up.

My colleague Shara Tibken notes that the Velcro doesn’t last as long on these cheaper bands, but even if you have to replace it every, say, six months, you still come out way ahead.

Check out more great Apple Watch bands you can get from Amazon.

Inexpensive Apple Watch chargers

Traveling with an Apple Watch can be a hassle because you have to recharge it pretty much daily. That means unplugging your charger from whatever nightstand setup is in place, then hoping it doesn’t get lost along the way.

A better bet: Pack a portable charger. Not a portable stand, mind you, one that uses the stock Apple charger, but a rechargeable power bank with its own Apple Watch magnetic charging module.

Granted, this can be something of a hassle as well, as you’ll probably have to recharge the charger after a few uses. But leave it plugged into your laptop or any other USB port, and it’ll be good to go by evening.

As with choosing a power bank for your phone, the higher the battery capacity, the more charges you’ll get. But before settling on a Belkin or Griffin charger from the Apple Store and spending at least $60, check out some of the other options.

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