Sat. May 28th, 2022
Amazon to bring FireTV to 2022 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Navigator

Jeep’s decision to integrate Amazon’s FireTV into its Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer and Grand Cherokee models gave it a big leg up on much of the competition when it came to in-car entertainment. Now though, according to an announcement made by Amazon on Wednesday, Jeep’s period of exclusivity is at an end.

That’s because Amazon is also working with Ford and Lincoln to put FireTV into 2022 Explorers and Navigators, and given just how dang good the Navigator already is as a luxury SUV, this is some pretty good news (especially if you just can’t get over the way the Wagoneers look).

The system integration looks very similar in practice to the one that Jeep has, which, I suppose, is kind of the point. The system will respond to Alexa voice commands and feature the same extensive content library for your rear-seat passengers to enjoy.

Interestingly, the phrasing of Amazon’s press release also hints at other FireTV integrations to come. Given the recent announcement from Honda that it would be switching over to an Android-based operating system, we wouldn’t be surprised to see FireTV in the Odyssey or the Pilot in the future.

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