Tue. May 17th, 2022
4 TV Shows to Watch on Peacock That Aren’t ‘Yellowstone’

We Are Lady Parts is awesome.


Watched all three Yellowstone seasons on Peacock? We have you covered for a new show to binge. Well, assuming you’re still holding onto that subscription (I mean, season 4 is going to arrive eventually).

Peacock’s catalog offers tons of original TV programming on top of past and current shows from NBC. The streaming service has a free tier that offers access to select movies and shows, but doesn’t unlock Peacock’s whole library. That will require premium access, which costs $5 a month with ads and $10 a month without.

Here are our favorite TV shows on Peacock to try if you want to branch out from Yellowstone.


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There’s a reason We Are Lady Parts stands at an impressive score of 83 on Metacritic. This British comedy spotlighting an all-female Muslim punk band is extremely fun, and boasts a cast of talented young people. The series kicks off by introducing us to 26-year-old Amina, a secretly skilled yet shy musician whose desperate search for a husband is coming up short. Enter Lady Parts, an über cool group in need of a new guitarist. Amina decides to join the band in exchange for help on her quest for love. Time spent with these ladies flies by, making We Are Lady Parts a Peacock pick worth your streaming hours.


Wondery’s popular 2018 true crime podcast Dr. Death is a maddening thing to listen to. You’ll find yourself shaking your head and muttering (maybe even shouting, if you’re in the privacy of your car), “How did nobody put a stop to this guy?” Watching Peacock’s TV adaptation of the podcast is a similar affair. Christopher Duntsch, a Dallas neurosurgeon, killed two patients he operated on and injured 31 others. You’ll want to check out this drama miniseries for a captivating, spine-chilling tale about a surgeon’s horrific crime spree that lasted far longer than it should have.

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